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Vapamore Wet-Dry Vacuum and Steam Cleaner MR-50
Vapamore Wet-Dry Vacuum and Steam Cleaner MR-50

Vapamore Wet-Dry Vacuum and Steam Cleaner MR-50

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Wet-Dry Vacuum and Steam Cleaner

The Vapamore MR-50 Steam Vac is the only portable wet / dry vacuum and steam cleaner combined into one easy to use tool. It's great for removing wet or set in pet stains and odor. It cleans spills instantly before stains set in. The steam function can be used to remove set in stains and spots from carpeting and upholstery.

The steaming function provides two operating modes, instant high temperature dry vapor steam for general cleaning, or the wet steam mode for set stains and spills. It can be used as a conventional portable wet / dry vacuum, without having to use a big and bulky shop vac.

Dust Collection Filter
Carpet & Upholstery Brush
Smooth Surface Squeegee
Steam Outlet Cleaning Tool
Measuring / Filling Cup

Model: MR-50
Power Supply: 120v 60hz
Vacuum Pressure: .05bar
Heating Element: 1300w
Steam Pressure: 1.2bar
Water Capacity: 300cc
Heat Time 20-30sec
Steam Exit Temp: 210ºFb
Weight: 4.8 Lbs
Power Cord Length: 10ft
Package Dims: 22x6x8in
Shipping Weight: 6Lbs
ETL Certified

The Vapamore MR-50 Steam Vac is a combination wet / dry vacuum and steamer. The vacuum mode is used to clean wet spills such as pet urine instantly, or to vacuum dry debris such as cat litter spills on hard surfaces, carpeting and upholstery. The two steam modes provide wet or dry hot steam on demand to prevent pet or other related stains and odors from setting in from carpeting, upholstery or any hard surface The steam modes are also used remove set in stains, spots and odors.

Using the extract, steam extract method for effective spill, spot and stain removal

For wet spills such as dog or cat urine, extract the spill using the vacuum mode. Use the smooth surface squeegee attachment by inserting it into the mouth of the MR-50 Steam - Vac. The squeegee can also be used on all surfaces to remove wet spills.

For set in stains or spots on carpet or fabrics skip to step number two.

Use the dry or wet steam mode along with the nylon brush to saturate, sanitize and remove the spill or stained area. Use the nylon brush attachment to aid in agitating the spill or stained area by inserting it into the mouth of the MR-50 Steam - Vac.
Extract the spill or stained area using the vacuum mode until the spill or stain has been removed. For tough set in stains repeat the process until the stain has been lifted.

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